Advancements in Education since I joined the School Board in 2011


  • Dedicated Early Learning Division with expanded resources for our Early Learning sites and a focus on partnerships with private providers throughout the County 
  • “Here Comes the Bus” being implemented for all students and families to track buses in real-time
  • Reimagining Middle School is the initiative to bring reform and innovation to the delivery of education throughout all of our middle schools in the District-focused on educational strategy as well as social-emotional support for students in this critical developmental period of life. 
  • Entrepreneurship programs offered at 23 High School campuses, and counting, as we bring this hands-on and engaging learning experience to every high school and middle school and encourage Entrepreneurial Pathways
  • Expanded CTACE programs with over 70 high school programs ranging from 3-D Animation Technology to Hospitality and Tourism, Culinary Arts to Veterinary Assisting, Entrepreneurship to Industrial Biotech 
  • Debate programs instituted in every middle and high school across the District with over 12,000 students actively competing in debate
  •  Establishment of the first Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy in the District
  •  Largest national program in the country including a coding day for every student in Broward School every year and computer science opportunities offered at every school
  • Establishing a District-wide Florida Day with creative learning opportunities including community readers, essay contests, art projects and civics experiences so students appreciate and understand what it means to be a Floridian
  •  Collaboration with Construction Career Days of South Florida magnified students’ exposure to careers in the construction field and related disciplines
  • Partnerships expanding across Broward County to engage students in authentic learning opportunities which draw from the strengths of our local community, such as from not-for-profit organizations like Junior Achievement’s Stock Market Challenge and BizTown as well as business partnerships such as Amazon who donated $50,000 to Dillard 6-12’s Robotics Program 
  • Expanded Apprenticeship Program in Physical Plant Operations for employees as well as a new apprenticeship program being formulated specifically for students 
  • Strengthening partnership with Florida Restaurant Lodging Association (“FRLA”) resulting in additional financial support and expert speakers panels offered throughout the County to our hospitality and culinary programs 
  • Passage and implementation of the SMART Bond to improve our school facilities after 30 years of underfunded support from the State 
  • Implementation of Self-Insurance for the District resulting in savings of over $50 million since its inception
  •  New strategies implemented throughout our Procurement Department resulting in more efficient and cost savings purchases District-wide
  •  Adopted the Supplier Diversity Outreach Program with the goal of spurring economic development
  •  Maintained standing as the nation’s second largest Fully Accredited Public School System



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Political advertisement paid for and approved by Donna Pilger Korn for School Board of Broward County, Seat 8

©2017-2022 Donna Korn









Political advertisement paid for and approved by Donna Pilger Korn for School Board of Broward County, Seat 8

©2017–2022 Donna Korn