As a South Florida native, I am proud to call Broward County my home

and the ideal setting to raise my three children. As a proud graduate of Western High School, I experienced the advantages offered by our public school system which prepared me for my post-secondary education as I was accepted and earn my Bachelor’s Degree at Emory University.

As a parent, I had many choices for my own children’s education. My children have attended and flourished at their respective elementary, middle and high schools. They have excelled academically while learning civic responsibility and exploring many extra-curricular activities such as sports and after school activities sponsored at their schools.

I am proud to be a part of the continuous expansion of the academic offerings for our students, to ensure every child has the opportunity to meet their highest potential by exploring an endless array of academic interest. Education is more than just academic classes. It is exposing students to ideas, jobs and skills that they may never have even known existing and intrigue their interest as they stay engaged in their K-12 education.

My own children have participating in the expanded sports programs, coding through the Countywide initiative, debate infused throughout our middle and high school programs, advanced placement course offerings with unparalleled success throughout the state, dual enrollment courses which provide free post-secondary credits, as well as specialized CTACE programs which is changing the path for their future.

So much progress has been made since I graduated Western High School in 1989. I am excited to continue to be part of these monumental steps forward as we continue to grow programs and access available to each and every student across Broward County.


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