Safety & Security

When children leave their homes each day they are entrusted to Broward Schools’ care.  Continued vigilance in ensuring the highest levels of protections is my primary focus.  From armed officers to state-of-the-art technology and strategic alignment with our first-responders in a plan of action for emergency responsiveness – I will continue to look for the next innovative solutions to best secure safety & security for all on our campuses.


Teacher Compensation

Teachers are the backbone of our education system.  Their tireless commitment to our students is what shapes the growing minds of your children.  They are there through trial and tribulation, sharing joys and accolades by giving of themselves at all times for the betterment of your children.    I believe that the sacrifices, effort, and love that they give to our children should be rewarded with a wage that represents the value I know we all see in them. I will endeavor to continually make sure our teachers feel the same level of admiration financially and in my public work as long as I continue to represent you on the School Board.


Life Skills for ALL students for Employability

Our children should be ready for the world when they leave and earn their high school degree from Broward County School.  I have and will continue to make it my mission to ensure as many opportunities for students to be life-ready.  This includes:

  • Financial Literacy was developed and offered throughout Broward Schools before being mandated by the State
  • Grow and enhance our CTACE (Career, Technical, Adult, Community Education) programs broadening opportunities for graduates to walk across the stage with a high school diploma and a path towards a trade as they earn a multitude of certifications
  • Infuse innovative critical thinking education delivery practices ensuring students’ develop skills across disciplines to ensure students can apply their knowledge in a meaningful way


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